"Who made my clothes?" 5 Sustainable Brands We Love & Why

When buying any item of clothing today you should be thinking what is it made of, where is it made, how is it made.

Even if you are not the typical eco warrior type, every considered purchase you make counts. So we have put together a list of 5 sustainable brands we love and why just to help you out:

Veja Trainers - image source - google images

1. Veja - who doesn't love or own a pair of trainers? They go with everything. Veja is Brazilian for "look". It's all about traceability: looking at how they are made and what they're made from. Plus they look great on too! 

Lucy & Yak logo

2. Lucy and Yak - ethical employers and manufacturers whose clothing literally doesn't cost the earth. The original dungaree design is perfect comfort clothing especially in 2020. We also love their ethos of paying a living wage rather than simply local minimum wage.

Titanic Denim - image source google images

3Titanic Denim - handmade pieces from recycled denim and each piece is unique. And like us this is a Belfast based company. We love to see home grown talent.

People Tree logo - image source google images

4. People Tree - this brand produces sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing. They were the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. We love their Essentials range - more stylish than PJs and athleisure wear but equally as comfortable.

House of Sunny - image source google images

5. House of Sunny - a slow fashion producer making only small runs of each collection, with the aim of avoiding waste. No need to worry about everyone else wearing the same outfit (always a bonus!) and you will be helping the environment. Plus all at affordable prices! 

These are just our top 5 but there's so many more to explore.

With a growing awareness of climate change and the effects of fast fashion there are loads of emerging independent and small businesses (and some larger ones) offering eco-conscious alternatives. So why shouldn't we all do our part to support those over the large companies benefitting from unethical environment-damaging practices? Especially when the sustainable options out there are as fabulous as these 5 brands! 



By Alison Ireland for Mála Belfast