Belfast's Newest Eco-Conscious Brand Has Just Launched!

Mála Belfast has officially launched!

We're excited to announce that our first product, the Logia Pocket-bag is now available to buy on our online store!

What is Mála Belfast?

We are a team of designers and creatives in Belfast Northern Ireland, with a shared passion for sustainability, who came together with a simple idea: to create minimalist, multi-functional bags.

Our Mission:

We believe that beautiful accessories should be affordable, practical and eco-friendly. We create products that make your life better without making the environment worse.With sustainability at the heart of our ethos, all of our bags are made with full transparency and traceability in our supply chain and manufacturing processes. They are designed to be made with zero-waste pattern cutting and to be durable and long-lasting.

Our Name:

Mála, is the Irish word for ‘bag’. We chose this to represent our shared heritage, all of us living within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and also because of a shared interest in heritage and textiles, particularly in the industries and trades that were once prevalent across the island of Ireland.

What is the Logia Pocket Bag?

The Mála Logia Pocket Bag, as the name suggests, is both a bag and a pocket. Designed by our team of designers and creatives, it is made to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose, everyday accessory. For when you need something that's not as small as a pocket or as inconvenient as carrying a bag. 

Designed to fit the wearer's needs, it can be worn on its own strap crossbody or round the waist and can be attached to any bag or handle. The pleated design expands to increase storage - fitting everything from wallets and phones to camera lenses, e-readers, tools and much more.

The Logia is named for its place of origin. The Logia is a former name of the River Lagan in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Mála team met whilst studying at Ulster University Belfast, where they came together to form Mála Belfast and design this, our first product.  

Get it for £25 for our first month to celebrate our launch!

(£5 off per order automatically added at checkout)

To celebrate our launch we're running a competition:

We're giving you the chance to win one of our Mála Logia Pocket bags! In a colour of your choice. 

To Enter simply click the link below and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with what's happening at Mála.

Mala Belfast Launch Competition

Ends 01/08/2020 and winner will be announced shortly after. We'll be in touch via email with the winner. 


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