“A Pocket where Design meets Function”

Belfast’s newest eco-conscious bag brand has just launched!

We are Mala Belfast, an eco-conscious bag brand based in Northern Ireland.
Our first product, the pocket-bag has just launched. Designed and manufactured by our team, it is the ultimate bag for those looking for a minimalist contemporary bag, or simple alternative to the bum-bag or waist pack.

Here at Mala, we are a small team of creatives and designers who came together with a simple idea: to create attractive, multi-functional bags; and a shared passion for sustainability.

Our team design and make functional yet minimalist bags, pockets and more, all produced in the UK and Ireland.

We believe that beautiful accessories should be affordable, practical and eco-friendly. We create products that make your life better without making the environment worse.

Our first product launch is our ‘Logia’ Pocket-bag.

It offers an aesthetically pleasing, yet fully functional alternative to both a pocket and a small bag. You can choose how and where you wear it as its versatile design allows it to be attached to any belt, strap or handle.

Our Name, Mala, is from the Irish for ‘bag’. We chose this to represent our shared heritage, all of us living within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and also because of a shared interest in heritage and textiles, particularly in the industries and trades that were once prevalent across the island of Ireland.

With sustainability at the heart of our ethos, all of our bags are made with full transparency and traceability in our supply chain and manufacturing processes. They are designed to be made with zero-waste pattern cutting and to be durable and long-lasting, unlike those created by the current fast fashion model of ‘planned obsolescence’.

Our Logia pocket-bag derives its name from the River Lagan in Belfast (Known as the Logia in the 2nd Century AD). Belfast being the place of Origin of one of our co-founders, the home of another and the place where we all met and created Mala whilst studying at Ulster University.

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